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Qinggong College, Hebei United University

Leaders of Qinggong College Go to the Practice Base to Inspect and Visit Interns

2013-10-22 18:24| Published by: zhangxiaojing| Read: 1392| Comments: 0

On October 21, Wang Xin, associate secretary and vice president of Qinggong College, and Zeng Qingliang, dean of Graphic Information Department, went to Tangshan Labor Technician Institute for an inspection. They visited the internship workshop, and talked with our college interns kindly to investigate the practice students’ conditions and suggestions. Finally, Mr. Wang had an informal discussion with leaders of Tangshan Labor Technician College. Both sides had an in-depth exploration about specific cooperative problems on internship and practice.

Qinggong College, North China University of Science and Technology    

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