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General Information of Qinggong College

Qinggong College, North China University of Science and Technology (the former Qinggong College, Hebei Polytechnic College) is an independent college hosted by North China University, getting the approval of Hebei Provincial Government and the official recognition of the Ministry of Education. Qinggong College is located in Tangshan, a coastal city of open economy, which is near Bohai Bay and surrounded by Beijing and Tianjin. With its beautiful environment, well-equipped facilities and professional teaching resources, the college has been making great efforts to cultivate its undergraduates qualified for practical purpose on engineering, sciences, economics, managements, literature, laws and arts of higher education. 

Qinggong College, North China University of Science and Technology offers 62 different undergraduate majors including curriculums of engineering, financial management, arts, liberal arts and laws. Engineering curriculum involves in the majors of Metallurgical Engineering, Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation, Civil Engineering, Internet of Things Engineering and Electrical Engineering and Automation and so on.  Financial management curriculum is mainly designed for the majors of Business Management and Financial Management. Arts curriculum aims to the majors of Visual Communication Design and Film anf TV Photography and Production, etc.  In addition, Qinggong College has 8 majors for the vocational college, and the majors mainly include the specialties of Computer Art Design , Character Image Design, Electronic Commerce and Hotel Management, etc.  As a member of Association of Universities (Colleges) of Applied Science (AUAS) launched by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, Qinggong College enrolls students from 21 provinces. 

Qinggong college adheres to the target of cultivating applied talents with strong adaptability and high comprehensive quality, paying equal attention to theory and practice, and taking measures to develop a real person as well as a professional. Closely connected with the demand of local economic and social development, Qinggong College has established more than 120 training bases cooperatively with areas of Hebei even of Beijing and Tianjin to promote the students’ employment by building employment overpasses with enterprises. In recent years, the employment rate of our graduates stays above 95%, and the graduates are widely distributed in various enterprises of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province.

Under the school spirit of “Diligently strive for truth and Observantly think for Practice” , Qinggong College persists in the education concept of teaching students in accordance with their own aptitude which emphasizes the education of encouraging students to develop their merits on the basis of qualified education. We strive to conduct the educational practice of cultivating the applied talent suitable for innovation and entrepreneurship and to provide the development space for the growth of individual students. In the past five years, our students have successfully started 184 entrepreneurial items and achieved more than 1000 provincial, national or international awards. The contests mainly include American International Mathematical Contest in Modeling (AMCM), China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling(CUMCM), National English Contest for College Students (NECCS), "CCTV Cup” English Speaking Contest, Century Star English Speech Contest in Hebei Province, “CCTV Star of Outlook” English Talent Competition, National Electronic Design Competition for College Students, "Bi Sheng Cup" National Electronic Innovation Design Competition, “Bochuang Cup” Embedded Design Contest for College Students, “Freescale Cup” Intelligent Car Competition, Writing Competition for Creative Writers, “Yongyou Cup” Sand Table Simulation Operation Competition in College Students entrepreneurial Festival, National ITAT Education Engineering Occupation skills Contest, Chinese Package Arts Contest, Cartoon Character Image Design Contest, National Scientific and Technological Animation Contest, National "Challenge Cup" Collegiate Business Plan Contest. Among the above contests, we have received 52 international prizes, 279 national prizes and 702 provincial prizes. Among all the prize-winners, Chen Hongfei was one of the “Top 100 Chinese Self-improvement College Students” held by the Central Committee of the Communist Young League and the National Association of Students. In the past examinations like Postgraduate Entrance Examination, Civil Servant Examination, Excellent Graduates in both study and morality with Bachelor‘s degree Selection Examination, College Students as Village Officials  Examinations, we all achieved  gratifying achievements.

With global thinking of running the school, Qinggong college has established friendly cooperation relations with Dresden University of Technology and Wismar Applied Technology University in German, Lincoln University and University of Wales Swansea in Britain, 

University of Poitiers in France, Pacific National University in Russia and Silla University in  South Korea. Many kinds of cooperative modes have been set up like continuous studying in undergraduate and graduate both at home and abroad, exchange students, overseas practical training and short-term research and study, etc.

Adhering to the school-running policy of “running the school with characteristics and brand”, Qinggong College has been paid attention to by all kinds of media and received praise. In the past years’ school rating sponsored by the media and the websites, our college gained many titles of honor.  They are “ the National Advanced Independent College”, “Top 10 Brand Independent College” “Top 10 Brand Independent College with Professional Advantages”, “the Most Influential Independent College in Society” , “the Independent College with highest Satisfaction” , “Independent College with Brand Impact in China” and “the Most Popular Independent College in China”. Among the university assessment and ranking by Wu Shulian, Qinggong College has been listed in the Top 100 Chinese Independent Colleges, ranking toward the top among 322 independent colleges. In 2015, the comprehensive strength of Qinggong College ranks the twenty-sixth among 322 independent colleges of China and the third in Hebei Province.

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