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Our Students Won Prizes in Drawing Competition in Hebei Province

2015-5-25 14:21| Published by: songxiuyun| Read: 1072| Comments: 0

On May 16, 2015,  Drawing Contest in Hebei provinceincluding the Sixth Drawings Configuration Competition and the Fifth 3D Design Contest was

held in Hebei University of Science and Technology.  There are a total of 34 representative teams from 15 universities to take part in this competition. Our ten students take part in the 3D Design Competition, after they had competed intensely with many other teams in colleges and universities in the province, and finally won the group first prize and won the first prize groups. In Drawing configuration competition group, they obtained the second prize.

This contest is divided into two events, Drawing Configuration and 3D Design Contest. After a half semester of hard work, positive enterprising and continuous improvement, the student Sun Yingxu got special award; Liu Junchen won the first prize; He Kan, Zhao Shuai, and Wang Kai won the second prize in the 3D Design Contest. In competition of Cartography, Wang Qian student received special prize, Song Yongjian student won the first prize, Dong Yahui student received second prize, Feng Shuo and Ren Jianpeng students won third prize. Our has been participating in this contest for 5 years. The success of Design Group won first prize, and Drawing Configuration Group won second prize ,refreshed the competition's best result , showing the charm of our college students , having a broad impact in the province, and dramatically increasing our popularity.

In addition, due to the excellent organizational works for many years ,our department won the honors of "the best organization award of drawing configuration" and " the best organization award of design " on support of colleges and other relevant departments.

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