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Our teachers making great achievement in the first English Micro-lecture contest

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On March 28 to 29, the first English micro-Contest Awards Ceremonynamely2015 Universities English teaching reform and development symposiumwas held in Wuhan. The micro-lecture work "English voice -Liaisons", which was given by Yang Yanchao, the teacher of foreign language department of        Qing Gong College, North China University of Science and Technology, was awarded the first prize in the Hebei division, and reached the national finals. Eventually, among the 2308 works, he got the third national prize as 29.

In this contest, Hebei province only has two universities winning. The first English micro-contest is a nationally influential event, which are held together by the Ministry of Education Committee of foreign language teaching university, the Ministry of Education Foreign Language and Literature specialty teaching guidance committee, China Society of Vocational and Technical Education Working Committee, China Association of Higher Education, Higher Education Press. Its aim is to improve the quality of personnel training Comprehensively, Promote the popularization and application of digital resources in teaching practice, and explore the new ideas and models of English teaching. The competition lasted nine months, and were 2,800 teachers from 30 provinces more than 500 colleges and universities joined in. A total of 136 works nominated national finals were selected first prize8, second prize 16 and third 30.

Before the competition, Foreign Language Department positively organized impact teachers to participate series of speeches of Micro-lecture in Shijiazhuang, which supplied a lot of help and instructions for teachers who joined the competition from studying typical case, choosing topics, designing teaching program, using modern education technologies, making Multimedia Courseware, and recording videos. Eventually, in the provincial finals, our English teacher Xue Huan and Yang Yanchao were awarded the first prize, Wang Jia and Miao Yuji were the second prize and Liu Fengjun was the third prize.

(Translated by Lu Yang, Su Shanshan and Zhang Haiyan from Enlgish Class 1 of the year of 2013 of Foreign Language Department)


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