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Our graduate showed Demeanor in Tianjin satellite TV Program “Only You”

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       On March 29th nightTianjin satellite TV broadcasted "Only You"12 top executives from companies formed recruitment committee at the scene. Li Zhichen, a graduate from Class 7 of Machinery Manufacturing and Automation in the year of 2011 from Engineering Department, entered for the on-site recruiting.



With good habits and entrepreneurial experience during college, Lizhi Chen was approved unanimously in the first round unanimously in the first round. Lizhi Chen won 11 lights. In the job site, he also had an experience about to be a conductor at the university singing contest, then he "Transferred" it to the program, such as conductor generally divide audiences and judges into red and blue teams, as his role of conductor, he brought the full thrust of the work's emotional resolution, the audiences sang "serve my country with total loyalty".

After several rounds of testing, Li Zhichen chose the position of channel development manager offered by Yitaoshi Network. Li Zhichen’s performance during employment process reflected the good qualities and abilities of our students in Qinggong College.

Over the yearsour college's different organizations encouraged and initiated graduates to seize the opportunitydare to risk sortie forwardlyexpand  the view of employment, participate all kinds of job fairsstrive for accessing to job market quickly and find out a job successfully. Most students reflect positively, employment rate of college promoted year by yearand the job of employment obtained excellent results.

(Translated by Ma Yue, Shi Danyang and Liu Mengyang from Enlgish Class 1 of the year of 2013 of Foreign Language Department)


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