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Wu Shulian 2015 Ranking List of Comprehensive Strength of Independent Colleges

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               Wu Shulian 2015 Ranking List of Comprehensive Strength of Independent Colleges in Hebei Province

Wu Shulian's microblog, as for the evaluation of independent colleges the assessment system for undergraduates is continued to use. The difference lies in that independent colleges focus on cultivating application-orientated talents, so the evaluation of the personnel training in  independent colleges takes a higher weight: 84.50% According to the nation’s orientation to independent college, the nation considered that the independent colleges are cultivating the application-orientated talents. The difference is that the personnel training of the evaluation of independent college have a higher weight. It takes 84.50%.However, scientific research has a lower weight. It takes 15.50%. The proportion of the common college in same year is that personnel training takes 56.75% and scientific research takes 43.25%.

In 2015compared with last year, the evaluation of independent colleges cancelled two indexes: the number of Nature Science Foundation of China(NSFC) and that of Social Science Foundation of China(SSFC). The reason is that most of the independent colleges applied for the two indexes in the name of the host Universities. If the independent college ranked after 200, it will be only listed in the ranking list of the province but not in that of the nation.

(Translated by Liu Cuijing, Xu Yuhan, Li Sha, and An Miaomiao from Enlgish Class 3 of the year of 2013 of Foreign Language Department)

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