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An Appealing Lecture From Young Writer Lu Sihao in Qinggong College

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On the evening of December 16, the young writer Lu Sihao gave his lecture of National College Speaking Tour of Tangshan station in our university. More than 300 from Qinggong College, nearly one hundred students from other universities, and some overseas students were gathering in Learning Auditorium to hear the sharing from Kevin (an English name of Lu Sihao), who is a post-90’s writer. He went to abroad at the age of 17 years old, and then he entered the Australia National University. And now he is a student of third year of master. At the beginning, he is famous for his novels on Internet, attracting a large number of high school students as his fans. And he is called “Warm Dreaming Guy” by his fans. He has published a large number of best sellers. Such as, “Think Too Much”, “You Must Believe Tomorrow Will Certainly Come ”, etc. His new works were listed as the best sellers, so he is regarded as a black horse of the year.

This activity is held by the Department of Party Affairs and Department of Business and Humanities. Kevin’s speech is divided into four parts, including life, friendship, dream and life. He describes his writing experience, LELTS examination and the sentiment of life in fragment. He says:”Due to light in heart, we aren’t afraid of dark night. As instinctively clumsy we are, we need to complete it by firmness. Weather the result is good or not, as long as we insist on it, we can know the truth. Whatever the results are, it is better than no results.”

In the interaction section, students are active in asking questions. At the same time, some audiences, who came to see their idol, are more active in communication with their idol. Kevin also answered the questions one by one. After the speech, a great number of audiences got the signature from Kevin.

Kevin’s National College Speaking Tour is held in forty famous universities in two months. And our university is the only one among those schools in Hebei Province, which reflects Qinggong College’s excellent social visibility and attention, and shows our student’s love of literature and positive attitude toward life.

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