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Peking Danei Adobe Commit Holds an Academic Forum

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Liu Tao, Peking Danei Adobe Commit of Qualification Board, Holds an Academic Forum for the Students and Teachers of Design Department

    Liu Tao , Peking Danei Adobe commit of qualification board, holds an academic forum about “The Trend of New Media and Art Design” in the morning, September 12. Those people, including Guo Yucheng, who is the president of design department, all students and teachers of design department, and about 200 students from other departments, participate in this lecture.

   Liu Tao, the main speaker, is an education director in Peking Danei Times Technology Group Limited. He has lots of experience in training of digital art and developing of course. He is the first certified speaker of Adobe company in China, and the second certified speaker of Macromedia company. He has published design textbooks more than 30.During the lecture, Teacher Mr. Liu started from the development history of mobile. And combining the development trend of modern international science, he deeply analysed  the advantages of new media from VI design and UI design perspectives. Later, he took his experience, which he has joined the design proposal, as an example to teach students how to make their design applying to the new media. At the same time, he showed  many excellent advertisements, short films and microfilms, and he introduced the creative procedures of those works.

    In this lecture, people were very positive. And the atmosphere was active. During the lecture, there was a close interaction between the design specialists and the spot people. It expended students' horizon, built their knowledge , enhanced their expert skills and strengthened their study interests.

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