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The Experience Exchange of Internship Project in American was Held

2014-11-3 22:36| Published by: songxiuyun| Read: 879| Comments: 0

       The experience exchange meetings of internship project in American were hosted by Foreign Language Department respectively in A102 North Campus and in 5103 Fengrun Campus on 15th October. Li Chujun, a senior student from Class one in the year of 2011, has oral communication skills and excellent personal comprehensive quality. She was selected to the United States Summer Work Travel which is carried out by the US state department and specialized agencies  authorized by the US congress . She flew to the US in mid-June , and finished the paid internship study life for three months in October. Cao Runyu and part of English teachers, more than two hundred students took part in this communication meeting.


     During the exchange, Li Chujun vividly talked about her personal experience in America from five parts, such as working experience and culture differences and so on. And she also gave some suggestions to the present situation. Her narration aroused students’ strong interest in the project. She said that the secret of acquiring a job successfully in a foreign country was confidence, wisdom, and open-mindedness. If we try to catch every opportunity to exercise ourselves, we will find that progress will be made gradually. At the same time, she encouraged thestudents to value the golden time when they study at school, and promote their comprehensive disposition. She hoped that they can become a confident student and face all challenges bravely.

     This meeting is helpful for our student to open up their international vision. It is a great encouragement to improve students’ professional skills  and sociable abilities. It arouses the students’ desire to be better and increase the awareness of the employment.

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