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An Employment Mobilization Meeting was Held

2014-10-22 22:59| Published by: zhangxiaojing| Read: 867| Comments: 0|来自: News Center

     On October 20th, Department of Information Science and Technology held an employment mobilization meeting at Room 101 of Teaching Building A., whose purpose was to guide and mobilize the graduates of the year of 2011 to seize the possible opportunity and look for a better job.  The meeting was held by Gushuhua, and the party secretary of the department and part of the class advisers took part in it.

     According to the present social situation, Fanyonghai made a detailed analysis of employment for the graduated students from four aspects: Knowing yourself, reasonable professional position, professional safety and health of working memory. Every student listened carefully and took motes of the meeting. Employment mobilization meeting was ended in warm applauses. Many students thought they benefited a lot from this meeting. They had a further understanding of the present employment situation. And they would adjust their expectation to a sensible and proper choice.


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