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Xi greets president of Harvard
President Xi Jinping meets with visiting Harvard University President Drew Gilpin Faust at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Monday.(Photo/China Daily) President Xi Jinping called for more ...
2015-3-27 12:28
The Sixth Foreign Language Cultural Festival Held Opening Ceremony
On the afternoon of November 6, the Sixth Session Foreign Language Festival was held in the Room 5502 of Fengrun College. The people who attended the opening ceremony are Cheng Lijun, vice president o ...
2013-11-9 10:56
Delegation from Korea Silla University Visit Our College
On October 28th, Mr.Li Quangao and Mr.Li Changzhu, vice-minister of International Exchange Office of Korea Silla University, visit our college to have exchanges, received by Mr.Guo Yucheng, Mr.Wang Ji ...
2013-11-2 10:53
The Academic Salon about South Korea
TheAcademicsalonaboutSouthKorea: ACausalTalkonSouthKorea-whatIsawandheardinSouthKorea AtnoononOctober17th,theacademicsalon"ACausalTalkonSouthKorea:whatIsawandheardinSouthKorea"wassuccessfullyhelda ...
2012-12-28 10:52
An Agreement of cooperation with NAVEC
OnDec.6th,JiangDeyu,theprojectchiefoftheNationalAssociationofVocationalEducationofChina(NAVEC)andZhaoKai,theprojectexpertvisitedourcollegetodiscusstheprojectofoverseaspracticewithsalaryinJapanandreach ...
2012-12-18 12:05
Professor Nigel Kitching of Teesside University in U.K. Visited Our College
ProfessorNigelKitchingofTeessideUniversityinU.K.cometocommunicate Inordertoenhanceinternationalcommunicationandcoorporation,NigelKitching,ProfessorofTeessideUniversityinU.K.,andWenGuan,directoroftheTe ...
2012-12-11 12:13
Professor Tan Jing lectures on “Acquaint with Overseas Education”
Toopenstudents’mindandbroadentheirhorizon,ontheafternoonofNovember7th,ProfessorTanJing,presidentofourcollege,gavealectureon“AcquaintwithOverseasEducation”atAcademicHall.MinisterofSocialandScienceDe ...
2012-11-14 11:18
Professor Jin Jizhu from Silla University of South Korea Gave a Lecture
ProfessorJinJizhufromSillaUniversityofSouthKoreaGaveaLectureinOurCollege OnOctober23,ProfessorJinJizhufromSillaUniversityofSouthKoreawhomajorsinindustrydesignvisitedDesignDepartment.ProfessorJingaveal ...
2012-11-1 11:04


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