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PVGO Project in One Hundred Campuses Comes to Qinggong College
PVGO Project in One Hundred Campuses Comes to Qinggong College
“Capricious Era, Only You” PVGO Project in One Hundred Campuses Comes to Qinggong College On April 21, the activity of “Capricious Era, Only You” PVGO Project in One Hundred Campuses was held in ...
2015-4-27 07:46
Our graduate showed Demeanor in Tianjin satellite TV Program “Only You”
Our graduate showed Demeanor in Tianjin satellite TV Program “Only You”
On March 29th night,Tianjin satellite TV broadcasted "Only You",12 top executives from companies formed recruitment committee at the scene. Li Zhichen, a graduate from Class 7 of Machinery Manuf ...
2015-4-7 23:09
Qinggong College was Praised in Asian Business Exposition
Qinggong College was Praised in Asian Business Exposition
From March 13rd to 14th, “the Youth Entrepreneurship Partner Recognition Meeting” of “ the First Asian Entrepreneurship Peak Expo" was held at Hong Kong University. More than 200 experts, scholar ...
2015-3-23 00:51
Special Job Fair Was Held in the Civil EngineeringDepartment
On December 22nd, Civil Engineering Department held a special recruitment in Room 1032 of Comprehenive Building in cooperation with Huadu United Holdings Group Ltd. Dean of the department, Ni Guowei, ...
2014-12-31 21:21
Employment Fair Was Held Successfully
The employmet fair for graduates was held ceremoniously in Teaching Bulilding C on the morning of November 15. Party Secretary Hou Dongxi, Principal Tan Jing, and Vice Secretary and Principal Wang Xin ...
2014-11-18 07:19
The Experience Exchange of Internship Project in American was Held
The experience exchange meetings of internship project in American were hosted by Foreign Language Department respectively in A102 North Campus and in 5103 Fengrun Campus on 15th October. Li Chujun, a ...
2014-11-3 22:36
Mobilization Meeting for 2015 graduates was held
On the afternoon of October 17th, the Chemical Materials Department held a meeting at Room 401 of Teaching Building A to encourage the students who will graduate in 2015 to take part in the postgradua ...
2014-10-24 21:43
An Employment Mobilization Meeting was Held
On October 20th, Department of Information Science and Technology held an employment mobilization meeting at Room 101 of Teaching Building A., whose purpose was to guide and mobilize the graduates of ...
2014-10-22 22:59
Leaders of Qinggong College Go to the Practice Base to Inspect and Visit Interns
On October 21, Wang Xin, associate secretary and vice president of Qinggong College, and Zeng Qingliang, dean of Graphic Information Department, went to Tangshan Labor Technician Institute for an insp ...
2013-10-22 18:24
Qinggong College Holds Employment Conference of 2013-2014 School Year
On the afternoon of October 17th, our college held “Employment Conference of 2013-2014 School Year” in Academy Hall. Hou Dongxi, the secretary of Qinggong Party Committee and president Tan Jing toge ...
2013-10-13 18:24
Qinggong College Holds Preliminary Meeting for Employment Conference
On the afternoon of October 10th, the preliminary meeting for 2013-2014 Employment Conference was held in the conference room 1120 of comprehensive building. The people who attended the meeting are: W ...
2013-10-12 18:17
Professor Chen Ruiqiang Giving the Report
ProfessorChenRuiqiangGivingtheReportof“HowtoEstablishaCorrectViewaboutJobChoosing” OntheafternoonofDecember22,ourcollegeinvitedProfessorChenRuiqiangwhoisDeputyDirectorofTalentsExchangeCenterfromTan ...
2012-12-31 17:05
Notice on “One-to-One Employment Guidance”
Noticeon“One-to-OneEmploymentGuidance” Topromotetheemploymentofthegraduatesandrealizethegoalofthequalityemployment,accordingtothearrangementandandrequirementsofthecollege,combinedwiththeactualresear ...
2012-12-29 17:02
The 3rd Occupation Skills Contest ended in Qinggong College
Inordertostrengthentheconstructionofinstructorsandclasstutors’team,establishaprofessionalteamforstudentaffairs,andwelcometheprovincialskillscontestforinstructorsinHebeiprovince,andwiththeopportunityo ...
2012-12-1 17:09
The Questionnaire about College Students' Employment Problem Completed
Forin-depthunderstandingofthe2012graduates’employmentconcept,objective,employmentstatus,difficultiesandgraduates’evaluationandsuggestion,theStudentsAdmissionandEmploymentServiceCenterconductsaquesti ...
2012-1-25 17:31


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